KSM Supercapacitor

The best energy storage device for every engine starting application, in any piece of equipment.

If you have ever suffered downtime due to lead acid battery failure, you know the cost of the event is more than the purchase price of the battery. Lead acid batteries are pushed to the limits with today’s electrical demands. As advanced features in newer vehicles pull more and more power, starting your engine is becoming more difficult, and battery failure is more likely.

How to avoid dead battery problems
The KSM supercapacitor contains everything you need to avoid experiencing the effects of battery failure permanently. The KSM is a supercapacitor, also known as a ultracapacitor. When installed on a vehicle, you can effectively prevent downtime from a dead battery and ensure your truck, bus, coach, RV, car, or boat will have power to start every time.

This KSM Supercapacitor device is initially energized from the vehicle’s electrical system, then stores the energy until needed. Even with a run down or dead battery, the KSM supercapacitor
gives your engine the power it needs to start.

Why choose the KSM
This device is virtually unaffected by temperatures and is completely maintenance free. The KSM has a long service life, upwards of one million cycles without the loss of cranking power. Compare that with an average battery’s life of just a few seasons and the difference is clear. It may even outlast the equipment it is installed on. Thousands of units are in service and have been operating effectively for many years.

The KSM can be installed on most vehicles, or pieces of equipment.

Midnight Express Boats 43′ and Larger Now Come Standard with the KSM

Eliminate No-Starts from “Dead” Batteries

KBI’s KSM has been installed upside down in this boat.

It can be installed in any direction!

KSM Advantages:
  • High power cranking—The KSM supplies the needed current and power, during the critical first seconds of cranking motor engagement.
  • Anti-idle regulations—The KSM greatly increases performance and reliability when complying with ever increasing emissions laws.
  • Long shelf life—With a virtually unlimited shelf life, the KSM’s low self-discharge allows high power starts, even after months of storage.
  • Engineered to outlive the equipment it is installed on—This feature ensures maintenance free performance over the life of the vehicle.
  • Simple design—There is no danger of overcharging. It requires no sophisticated electronic controls or switching equipment.
  • Constant life performance—Virtually unaffected by temperatures, the KSM maintains starting performance for over one million cycles and increases the life of existing batteries.
  • Weight reduction—Lead-acid batteries can be removed, resulting in achieving weight reduction while increasing cranking power.

“The value the KSM has provided is me knowing that my boat will start every time. It’s peace of mind when I’m 30 – 40 miles offshore. I don’t want my starting bank to drain and be stuck out there. Knowing that capacitor is holding the charge and can start the motor is what sold me on the KSM.”

Captain Mike Littlefield
Archangel Fishing Charters