KAPower® Starting Module

No matter what kind of vehicle you’re in, lead acid battery failure is costly and wastes your time. The KBi KSM Kompact™ is a solution that will help you deal with greater electrical demands in modern vehicles and overcome battery failure. It’s an engine starting device designed for recreational boats, Class B & C RVs, paratransit buses, and other smaller, commercial & non-commercial watercraft and vehicles.

The Kompact is an auxiliary power source that is installed in conjunction with traditional cranking batteries and derives its power from those batteries or an engine charging system. It is also designed to work with and supplement lithium battery engine cranking limitations.

How the KBi KSM Kompact™ works
The KBi KSM Kompact™’s KAPower module is an energy storage device engineered to reliably crank and start internal combustion engines. For every engine starting event it releases energy in short, powerful bursts to crank your engine and then fully recharge in about 30 seconds. Recharging can be accomplished from virtually any 12-volt DC electrical power source. Charging and discharging will not wear out the device.

Why choose the KBi KSM Kompact™
The KBi KSM Kompact™ gives you peace of mind on the water or the road, whenever you need to start up your engine and might need to deal with a dead battery. This device is the ideal backup system for traditional lead acid batteries, because it’s always ready to help start your engine. Plus, the KBi KSM Kompact™ often outlives the boat or vehicle it’s installed on and requires no maintenance.

KBi KSM Kompact™ advantages
  • Stores cranking voltage until needed: a charge typically lasts several months
  • Long service life—It can be used again and again for the life of your boat or vehicle
  • Easy to install—Place it in any orientation, even vertically or upside down
  • Automatically recharge within seconds— When it needs to be recharged, any DC power source can be used
  • The performance is virtually unaffected by the temperature
  • Increases the life of batteries
  • Requires NO maintenance
  • Made in the USA