Developed specifically for industries that require a portable jump starter, the KrankingKART weighs only 37 lbs and comes in a wheeled case that can be easily transported. It is ideal for jump starting buses, motorcoaches, trucks, equipment, and other types of engines that have dead lead acid batteries. If you have the KrankingKART supercapacitor jump starter on board, you can avoid unscheduled, costly down time due to dead batteries.

Why choose the KrankingKART portable jump starter
Powered by the KAPower® supercapacitor, the KrankingKART is ready to go with full cranking power in 30 seconds, and it can be recharged up to 1,000,000 times. It features a sealed supercapacitor that requires no maintenance.

  • NEVER needs to be plugged into to an A/C power source
  • Contains no lead-acid batteries to maintain or replace
  • Good for engines up to 15 liters
  • 12 Volt, 24 Volt, or 12/24 Volt units available
  • Delivers up to 3000 amps of cranking power
  • Power output is virtually unaffected by temperatures

All KAPower KrankingKARTs can be recharged from almost any cranking battery—even the “rundown” battery on the vehicle that is about to be jumpstarted.

  • Reverse polarity warning buzzer
  • Ultra heavy duty copper cables & clamps
  • Reverse polarity warning light
  • Tough, durable “pelican” case
  • Correct polarity indicator

  • Easy to maneuver & stable
  • Voltmeter power switch
  • Remote power button
  • Easy to view volt meter

In India, the KRANKINGKART JR. product is sold under the KBI trademark.

Available in English and Japanese