Keep your Mini HD performing and get the most out of every jumpstart with these helpful tips.

Before the jumpstart

  • When transferring the Mini HD from one vessel to another for a rescue, give the Mini HD a quick boost charge from your running vessel to ensure the best jumpstart performance.
  • Turn off all lights and accessories on the vessel with the dead battery before attempting the jumpstart; the increased power draw could decrease the effectiveness of the Mini HD.
  • Before hooking up the Mini HD, make sure the engines on the dead vessel are in neutral. If not in neutral the starter won’t engage and you’ll be wasting Mini HD energy.
  • Securely fasten the Mini HD battery clamps as close as possible to the engine’s starter motor on the dead vessel. This position helps keep electrical resistance in the circuit to a minimum, improving performance of the Mini HD.
  • Immediately after turning on the Mini HD, turn the key and begin cranking the vessel with the dead battery.

After the jumpstart

  • After completing a jumpstart, allow the Mini HD to reach its full charge before you turn it off and disconnect from the battery.
  • The voltmeter on the Mini HD can be used as a quick diagnostic tool. If the vessel you just started is not charging up the Mini HD, that vessel’s charging system may be faulty.
  • Keep the springs inside the Mini HD battery clamps lubricated in order to help prevent corrosion and ensure proper performance.