Unlike ordinary battery powered jump starter devices, KBi®’s patented line of KrankingKARTs uses supercapacitors to provide reliable, maintenance free jumpstarts. Both the KrankingKART JR and the KrankingKART JR Mini HD are lightweight, highly portable, extremely durable, and can recharge to full cranking power in just 30 seconds.

Advantages of the KrankingKART JR supercapacitor jump starter
  • Lasts for approximately 1,000,000 cycles
  • Virtually unaffected by temperatures
  • 100% Recharge in about 30 seconds
  • Contains no batteries to maintain or replace
  • Up to 3000 amps available for jump starting
  • 12 Volt, 24 Volt, or 12 & 24 Volt Combination
  • Never needs to be plugged into an A/C outlet to recharge
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged design
  • Patented design
  • Maintenance free
  • Built in safe guards
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Custom models available
How they are used

The KrankingKART portable jump starter devices are kept on hand to start engines with a dead battery in light trucks, RVs, and cars. They can be stored in the vehicle, ready to use when needed. These devices are extremely helpful to have available for places like parking garages, airports, car rental companies and military bases.

product is sold under the KBI trademark.