22079 – 12 Volt KOMPAC DIESELMATIC II Systems

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22079 – 12 Volt KOMPAC DIESELMATIC II Systems


22079 – 12 Volt KOMPAC DIESELMATIC II Systems

Engine size 0.82 – 3.69 liters (50-225 CID)

Automatic Turn-Key Starting Fluid System using the core technology found in KBi’s patented, state of the art, DIESELMATIC NVT System. DIESELMATIC II Systems can be used with or without an Engine’s ECM (Electronic Control Module). DIESELMATIC II has a low current draw and is non-polarity sensitvie making it compatible with ECM Engines. Engineered for Reliablility, the solenoid valve is sealed from the environment, uses an encapsulated coil and o-ring cylinder valve seal. Designed for superior performance, the DIESEMATIC II injects starting fluid precisely with absolutely no operator intervention.

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System does contain an Ether Cylinder.

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Weight 3.7 lbs


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